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The broader the sourcing network, the more rigorous the quality-control should be. That’s why ATI developed an industry-leading methodology, to which all our suppliers and their components are subject. 


Our suppliers are subject to a formal qualification process, including high-risk screening (utilizing GIDEP as well as other industry organizations), assigning supplier classifications,  supplier type, and product inspection. 


Using a risk-based inspection approach, we measure our supply chain partners performance as well as the products they supply. Our inspection process includes up to a 60+ point visual inspection, while our supply chain partners are subject to real time performance monitoring. This data is then captured and reviewed by our Supplier Review Board.


The results from Supplier Review Board meetings, inspection and test, and QMS goals and objectives, are evaluated to identify inconsistencies in processes, products, and services. This strategic analysis promotes continuous improvement to enhance our overall performance, meet customer requirements, and address their future needs and expectations.


Transparency is paramount in a good distributor/manufacturer relationship. As a leader in the industry, it is our social responsibility to share our extensive knowledge, experience, and findings with our customers and strategic partners. Reporting allows ATI to develop qualifications, standards, and certifications needed to mitigate risk for our customer’s protection.


ATI takes action to ensure we provide the best products and services in the industry.