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ATI Accurate Technology Inc                                Ph  : +1 239-206-1240
1180 8th Avenue West - Suite 240                      Em :
Palmetto, FL 34221 .                                             Wb :

Corporate Overview

ATI is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Headquartered in Palmetto, Florida. ATI serves as a supply channel partner for over 300 suppliers and 30,000 original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers repair houses and commercial customers.

We provide options and solutions ...

ATI specializes in providing options and solutions to all your electronic and electro-mechanical components needs. Whether you need a data sheet or "hard to find" component due to allocation, long lead time, or the part is obsolete and no longer made by the manufacturer. Our staff is trained to provide you with options and solutions for all your needs.

We specialize in IGBT Modules, SCRs, Thyristors & Diode Modules

We Ship Same Day for Next Day Delivery on over 4800 unique Part Numbers

Ship Same Day Up until 5:30PM EST

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Global Logistics

Our global logistics can get the components you need to the location you need them ... when you need them. We offer counter to counter courier services, same day & next day services  along with all normal delivery options.

Obsolete, Allocated, Long Lead Time and Hard-To-Find Components

Down time due to inoperable equipment and missing production components are costly. ATI specializes in supplying Hard-To-Find, Allocated, Obsolete and Long Lead Time components when you need them. Our in house computer systems and more than 14,000 qualified vendors throughout 51 countries allow us to locate and deliver the components you need when you need them. Our staff of international buyers and connections with over 1400 manufacturers, 200 majors contract manufacturers, and 12,000 other OEMs and commercial accounts allow us to locate the parts you need and deliver them when you need them.

Broadline of Components

ATI is your one source for all board-level components and associated development tools utilized for total project design. Our linecard consists of millions of components across the board with all vertical market completely covered.

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