Codify Infotech

Brand Ambassadors

1. We are looking for people who like to talk to people & people like to talk too.
2. We are looking for people who like to help others.
3. We are looking for people that can build relationships
4. We are looking for people that like to be paid for doing a good job
We PAY YOU UP to 5% of what the customer buys from us.  The more the customer buys from us ... the more we pay you!

If you know people who work at manufacturing facilities (chemicals, plastics and anything industrial), repair shops, shipping ports, utility companies (solar or electric), heavy equipment companies, elevator repair companies, airports,  welding companies & cement companies, mining companies, oil & gas companies more.

If you know people who do maintenance & repairs on farming equipment, factory equipment, elevators, escalators, lifts, conveyor systems, and anything industrial ... then we want you!

The position we are offering is Brand Ambassador ... basically that means ... we need you to introduce our company to companies that use our products, that need our products when they are doing maintenance or repairs of industrial equipment that use electricity. That is right ... just about every company that is not retail or finance.

We need you to :

1. Contact companies that use our products.
2. Identify the people who buy and or use the products we sell
3. Enter their company & contact information into our website
4. Stay in touch with them  once or twice a month (minimum) to remind them
    a. We are here to help
    b. What we do
    c. How we can help them

In return for your efforts ...


NOTE :  We Can provide you with a list of companies in your local area or you can just call on companies and people you already know. The choice is yours. Most people start on a part time basis to see if they like what they would be doing and can earn the money they want to. Others, who enjoy the opportunity can do this full time and earn up to 50,000 - 100,000+ per year.

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Do You Know Someone that Works at a ...

Oil & Gas Company

Chemical Company

Manufacturing Company


We are looking for people who can let the right people know we exist and can promote our company to them.

Automation Technician

Facilities Manager



We can provide you with a list of companies in your area